The Woman Behind the Door (EPUB) by Elle Gray, K.S. Gray

The Woman Behind the Door (EPUB) by Elle Gray, K.S. Gray – “YOU ARE LIVING A LIE. Everything about you is a lie…” This is a story about an ordinary woman, a mother of two. To most women, to most mothers, her life is relatable in every way. Except behind closed doors her truth comes with unimaginable consequences. Amid a night of fun and festivities, Isabella Walker found herself alone with a bold masked man at her front door. Unable to fight off her would-be abductor, the mother of two, soon found herself a victim of an extraordinary and grim circumstance. FBI agent Olivia Knight has investigated her fair share of bizarre cases. When she and Brock are called to the suburbs of Hidden Hills to investigate a strange abduction. Olivia quickly realizes that there’s more to this case than a mere kidnapping. Why was Isabella Walker targeted? Is there more to this housewife and mother than meets the eyes? What is the truth behind the missing pieces of her past? As more questions arise and more questions remain unanswered. Olivia finds that to solve this case, to uncover the truth, she’ll have to go undercover and face the Grim Reaper himself. Unfortunately, behind closed doors there are secrets that are worth taking to the grave…

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